Care and Education

Weaving together care and education in a strengths-based approach to learning and development.

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Cholmondeley’s model of practice is underpinned by our philosophy of care and based on the principles of Social Pedagogy, which holds that all people hold mana and rich potential. It encourages a non-prescriptive approach that meets the individual needs of each child.

“Let the uniqueness of the child guide our work to reveal the treasure within.”

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Cholmondeley uses a fully integrated care and education model of practice where the line separating the two disciplines has effectively become disestablished. This means that learning and development of key skills can and does happen anytime and anywhere, not just within designated Learning Hub hours. It also allows us to best meet the individual cognitive, emotional, and physical needs of each child within the group.

To grow a child’s resilience we focus on building key competencies, or protective factors, which help the child to communicate, build relationships, and better negotiate their world.

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Adventure Based Learning

Education at Cholmondeley is delivered primarily through the Adventure Based Learning (ABL) programme. This includes a variety of experiential learning activities designed to provide children with opportunities for success. ABL allows children to uncover their strengths, feel proud of their accomplishments, and encourages them to determine their own path.

ABL Activities include:

ABL activity rafting

climbing and ropes courses
cooking and baking
art and craft projects.

Through ABL, children are challenged to work together, solve problems, and try new things. They also have a lot of fun in the process, creating a lasting positive memory of their accomplishments and abilities that they can draw on in the future.

Ensuring a child’s network knows about his or her accomplishments is an important aspect of building resilience through ABL. Each child is assisted to record a weekly Learning Story, documenting their successes and reflections. These can be shared with the child’s family, school, and friends.

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Our main aim is to build resilience in children for the challenges they may face, both now and in the future. Resilient children grow into responsible persons who engage in wider society.

Increased resilience in children also has a flow-on effect for families, who benefit from new opportunities to relate to, encourage, and support their child.

Find out more about the impact Cholmondeley is having on children and families in Canterbury by viewing or downloading the independent evaluation: Hearing the Voices of Canterbury’s Children.