Respite care

We are best suited to tamariki aged 5-12. Our school programme and centre is designed for tamariki in this age range. In exceptional circumstances we can accept tamariki between 3 and 5, who do not need 1-1 support from an adult and if they are accompanied by an older sibling.

Cholmondeley accepts referrals from any agencies or whānau caregiver who may need support.

If you are interested in finding out more about a new referral, please call our referral phone number on 03 329 9832 to talk to one of our friendly Awhi team about the living situation of the tamariki.

If we feel that we are the right service for the tamariki, we will invite you to fill out our New Referral form, please do so with as much information as possible, we can help with this if needed.

Please note that there is a lot of demand on our service and we deal with emergency referrals, so time frames may vary.


How does our referral process work?

Referral Process


So what happens next?

Stay Process


Enquire about a stay

How long do children stay at Cholmondeley?

The length of a child’s stay varies according to need, but an average stay is 3-5 days. Children can stay at Cholmondeley as many times as necessary from 3 to 12 years of age. Regular planned stays are common, though Cholmondeley can respond quickly in an emergency situation.

Does Cholmondeley offer support for families?

As a child develops their strengths and builds resilience, there is also a positive flow-on effect for the child’s family: parents and carers find new ways to relate to, encourage, and support their child, and improvements in mood and behaviour lead to a more settled family life.

We will also work with families over time to broker relationships between family members, and other support services as appropriate.