What to expect

Cholmondeley is a great place to come to when you need a break. We have lots of fun activities to do and the people who look after us during our stay here are really kind and awesome.

When we stay at Cholmondeley we get to meet new people and make new friends. Some of us come to stay here more than once and then we get to know the adults and the other kids really well.

What about school?

The plan for the learning dayWe’re learning all the time at Cholmondeley, but if you’re staying during the school term, you’ll also spend time with Cholmondeley’s teachers in the Learning Hub. Here we get the chance to work on projects and topics that interest us. Some of us make films on the computers and others like to explore and do experiments. We often go to the beach and collect things for craft and art projects.

The other cool thing about Cholmondeley is that not all our learning happens in the Learning Hub. We get to do other adventurous activities like climbing, ropes courses, archery, fishing, cooking and baking, swimming, and kayaking. We get to try lots of new things, and it’s really cool telling all our friends and family about what we’ve done.

Where will I sleep?

Some of us sleep in a room on our own but most of us sleep in a room with bunk beds with other children. This can be lots of fun, as it feels a bit like being on camp.

When you arrive the adults will help you to name your things and they will be put in a safe place. Then you will be shown your bed. Some of us bring a cuddly toy from home to sleep with, but you can also borrow one from Cholmondeley.


What will I eat?

What we eat at Cholmondeley image

The food at Cholmondeley is totally yummy!

The adults are really good cooks and we can help them in the kitchen too. Some of us love cooking and baking for snacks and suppertime. We even share some of the recipes we learn with our family and friends when we go home.


What if I’m afraid?

Before you come to Cholmondeley for your first stay, you may feel nervous and worried. That’s OK! When you get here you will find that all the adults will make you feel very welcome and safe. They will introduce themselves and the rest of the staff and children. You will soon get to know who everyone is.

They will also tell you that it is OK to ask if you don't know something or you need something. They are very good at helping you to make friends with the other children too.


A day at Cholmondeley


Every day at Cholmondeley is different and fun, but a regular school day might look something like this:

7:30 Wake up and get ready for the fun day ahead.
8:00 Eat breakfast — We can make this ourselves, and help tidy up.
8:30 Play/free time — Cholmondeley has two great playgrounds with trampolines, swings, a skate bowl and lots of sports equipment.
9:00 The Cholmondeley school day begins at the Learning Hub — We’ll start by going over the plan for the day. Sometimes we go off-site for adventure based learning activities and discovery time.
10:30 Morning tea time
10:45 Learning Hub
12:15 Lunch break — We make our lunch together the night before, with an adult's help.
1:15 Learning Hub
3:00 The Cholmondeley school day ends
3:15 Afternoon tea
4:00 Fun activities or play/free time — Maybe a trip to a local park, walk along the beach, or a dip in the sea! If it’s raining we can stay inside and help prepare a yummy dinner.
5:30 Dinner time
7:00 Another fun activity or free time — We love to play ‘spotlight’ or get creative in the Learning Hub.
7:30 Showers, PJs on
8:30 Supper and Bedtime — Usually a home-made snack with a warm cup of Milo.

During the school holidays and weekends the days are filled with activities and play. We go to bed a little bit later and can get up later in the morning. Awesome!

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