Grace's Story - Help our Children Reach New Heights

“Every child’s situation is different, but our focus at Cholmondeley Children’s Centre always remains the same - doing what's best for the child and making sure they have a safe, stable and caring environment at the earliest opportunity.” – Arron, Chief Executive of Cholmondeley Children’s Centre

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24 July 2018

Emma's Story - Reaching Crisis Point

Hi, I’m Emma.

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30 November 2017

Barbara's Story: Parenting Again

Barbara, now in her mid-60s, has looked after her daughter’s children for the last six months. Eight year old Annie, six year old Jane and four year old Ben came into...

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27 July 2017

Jasmine & Jessica's story - You can help keep families together

My journey with Cholmondeley started on the day when I realised that I might lose everything that was important to me; I was at risk of having my girls taken...

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4 April 2017

Jaimie Leigh's story — Help a child achieve their dreams

From staying at Cholmondeley during her parents' divorce, to the day she returned as a Detective in the NZ Police to Cholmondeley to share her story with today's children — Jaimie Leigh's story emphasises that all dreams are possible...

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1 December 2016

Michelle's Story - What it means when you give to Cholmondeley Christchurch Charity.

What worried us the most is what the kids might see or overhear, and how our daily grief and stress would affect their innocence and chances of retaining a positive view of the world...

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9 November 2016

A note of thanks

An anonymous thank you card to the staff at Cholmondeley.

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9 October 2015

Aiyana's Official Opening Speech

For four years Aiyana and her sister had regular stays at Cholmondeley. Aiyana is now 14, but still volunteers as a junior leader at the Centre. At the official opening of the new building, she shared why she thinks Cholmondeley is so important for Canterbury children and families.

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9 September 2015

Tyler's Card

Thank you for all the great times I've had with you all. There are so many memories from the first time I came to the last.

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