29 August 2016

'Passion Project' created by Governors Bay School Students provides an afternoon of fun

Saskia and Morgan of Governors Bay school thought Cholmondeley was the perfect organisation to focus on for their school Passion Project...

CCC with Governors Bay School Feat Image

Picture2Saskia and Morgan from Governors Bay school were set a task to create a ‘Passion Project’.
They chose to focus on Cholmondeley and wanted to organise a fun afternoon for a small group of children.

Saskia and Morgan's Passion Project began with showing Cholmondeley staff members Cat and Kate around their school. They toured the classrooms, library and veggie patch, introduced them to their peers, and explained what their school and its values were all about.

After the tour, the Governors Bay students went into planning mode and the following week or so was spent organising a special afternoon for some of the children staying at Cholmondeley.

Picture1When the day arrived, Kate returned the favour of a tour and showed Saskia and Morgan around Cholmondeley before they met with the children. The students had many questions, from what the emergency procedures were and what sorts of things helped settle children at night time if they were anxious. Both of the girls were very impressed with the Centre and agreed that Governors Bay is a great location for children to enjoy and explore.
After all of the children introduced themselves it was time to set off up the road to Governors Bay School.

The children enjoyed exploring the beautiful school grounds, playing games with Saskia and Morgan on the courts, and also climbing all over the playgrounds. After the activities, it was time to enjoy some kai.

Picture3With the help of some classmates, the Governors Bay School library had been turned into a fun room filled with balloons. A table in the centre of the room held a delicious afternoon tea with hand-made fruit kebabs and mini quiches.

The library was a very exciting and interesting place for the children where they enjoyed exploring some books, playing on the piano, and throwing the balloons up in the air.

Picture4Before the afternoon ended, the children and staff gave Saskia and Morgan a much deserved round of applause, thanking them for their enormous efforts in creating such an enjoyable afternoon.

We all look forward to meeting them again!


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