2 December 2015

Lyttelton Port Tours raising funds for Cholmondeley

For a donation Cholmondeley you can experience Lyttelton Harbour on the Canterbury Cat and learn about upcoming developments for the Port.

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All aboard? Watch the video for a taste of the tour.

In September 2015 Lyttelton Port of Christchurch (LPC) started free tours of Lyttelton Port on the Canterbury Cat.

The first trip was an auspicious event as the tour was joined by a pod of Hector's dolphins who played about the boat for twenty minutes, much to the delight of the passengers.

The tours are a great opportunity to gain understanding about the Port's operations, projects and future developments — what's happening, what's planned, and why — with informative commentary from experienced LPC staff. Areas covered during the cruise include the Inner Harbour, Dampier Bay, and the Container Terminal operations and reclamation.

The 90-minute free tours on the Canterbury Cat leave from the Lyttelton ferry terminal at 1:30pm on the last Sunday of the month. Tours can fill up quickly, so phone LPC reception (03 328 8198) between 8am and 5pm, Monday to Friday to secure your spot. 

Passengers are invited to make a donation to the Cholmondeley Children's Centre at the end of the tour.