1 February 2016

MediaWorks Foundation supports Cholmondeley with over $40,000 worth of media

MediaWorks Foundation is supporting Cholmondeley Children’s Centre with over $40,000 worth of media and advertising support for the Help a Child in Crisis campaign which runs between February and April this year. The campaign’s primary aim is to boost the number of people who donate to Cholmondeley on a regular basis.


Mediaworks The partnership came about after Cholmondeley made a successful application to the MediaWorks Foundation Community Partnership Programme, detailing how it needed to grow its number of monthly donors and strengthen advocacy of its services in the community.

Cholmondeley receives 30% of its funding from government, meaning the remaining 70% (around $1.2 million annually) is fundraised from the community. Only a small percentage of this (3.4%) comes from regular givers — whom Cholmondeley CEO, Shane Murdoch, describes as “a special group of people who have supported Cholmondeley over several years.”

Compared to some other charities, Cholmondeley tended to retain regular givers for longer, says Murdoch, and while the charity takes this as sign of high engagement, Murdoch believes the campaign is an opportunity to reach others in the Canterbury region who are looking for a practical and meaningful way to support children in their local community. “The potential impact of the campaign is two-fold,” says Murdoch, “we’re asking people to consider making a regular donation, but also to stay informed and act as advocates for Cholmondeley’s services.”

Cholmondeley Funding and Marketing Manager, Sarah Vidette, emphasises the significance of the campaign for Cholmondeley as a small regional charity: “This is an unprecedented opportunity for Cholmondeley. We don’t run large-scale annual street appeals, and budgets for marketing and advertising are always very tight. Thanks to MediaWorks Foundation, we can address the wider community, encouraging potential and existing supporters to become regular givers by visiting our website and signing up. Likewise, it’s a wonderful opportunity to reach families who may not otherwise have heard about us and how we can help.

CEO Shane Murdoch was interviewed by Hilary and James on The Breeze at 8:10am on 23 March and talked more about regular giving to Cholmondeley.

Until the end of April, advertising for the campaign will also appear on MediaWorks associated websites throughout the South Island and various presenters on The Breeze and More FM will be mentioning the Help a Child in Crisis programme.

About the Help a Child in Crisis Regular Giving Programme

The Help a Child in Crisis campaign asks members of the community to consider giving a donation to Cholmondeley on a regular basis. This could be monthly, in an amount determined by the giver. These donations go directly toward the annual costs of the Centre (totalling around $1.8million), and are the most direct way to assist the children Cholmondeley cares for.

Go to www.cholmondeley.org.nz/donate to join the programme or learn more.