29 October 2015

Official Opening: Video footage now available

We're delighted to share with you video footage of the official opening proceedings on 10 October.

Watch the edited version here on our website (8:50) or view the full version (48:55) on the Cholmondeley YouTube channel.

Speakers in order of appearance:

Glenn Jones — MC
Riki Pitama — Mana Whenua: Ngāti WhekeOpening Video Footage In text 300x200
Nuk Kurako — Mihi whakatau for the PM
Kerry Dellaca — President, Cholmondeley
Shane Murdoch — CEO, Cholmondeley
Javanah Roberts — Cholmondeley child
Aiyana Manson-King — Former Cholmondeley child
Rt Hon John Key — Prime Minister of New Zealand
Dame Phyllis Guthardt — Closing prayer