24 June 2020

On the Up

Each week we profile a local Christchurch organisation to give them a plug and see how they’re going as the country eases into recovery. This week we spoke to Arron Perriam, chief executive at children’s charity Cholmondeley

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18 June 2020

Penguin sculptures arrive in Christchurch for new art trail

A waddle of penguins has flown into Christchurch to be decorated by school children and artists and installed on city streets.

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7 May 2020

Demand for respite care for Christchurch children expected to soar

A safe haven for children in Christchurch expects appeals for respite care to continue to climb as families struggle with financial difficulties, mental and physical health, addiction and trauma exacerbated...

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11 November 2019

Sculpture on the Peninsula - epic art on Canterbury's cultural landscape

It's a grand art display in a stunning location but Sculpture On the Peninsula is also a touching story of a legacy of enduring friendship writes VICKI ANDERSON.

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18 June 2019

Supporting the region’s children

Hugh Heber Cholmondeley and his beloved wife Margaret, known affectionately as Mary, had been unable to have children of their own and when Mary died unexpectedly, Hugh decided to purchase...

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10 April 2019

Son of a Gunn: Q&A with Jason Gunn

The beloved entertainer doesn’t pull punches and tells it like it is, but with a true warmth and empathy that comes from a heart of gold. So it’s not surprising that...

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30 March 2019

Be a gem!

Saturday evening May 4 at Sixty6 on Peterborough is the chance to dig out the denim, put on some sparkle and join MC Jason Gunn for an evening of live...

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24 July 2018

Cadence Cycling Studios 8 week Challenge

Christine Korako, Nuk Korako and Andy Laloli have taken on the Cadence Cycling Studios 8 week Challenge with the intention to get fit, install a healthier lifestyle and raise money for Cholmondeley...

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21 May 2016

Cyril Smith's largesse a lesson to all about leaving the world better off

Stuff reports on the life and legacy of the late Cyril Smith, a remarkable Canterbury philanthropist who gave generously to Cholmondeley throughout his life and beyond.

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