11 March 2020 at 1:47 pm

Centre set up to help needy families in Canterbury, needing support themselves




A centre set up for Canterbury families having a rough time to drop their children off to is struggling itself without much-needed funding.

Cholmondeley Children’s Centre Chief Executive Arron Perriam says they don't like asking for help, but need donations in order to keep helping needy families in the region.

About 500 children throughout the year, and up to 15 at one time, pass through the doors at Cholmondeley Children’s Centre in Christchurch.

The centre was set up to help families in times of stress or trauma, when parents need a break from their children.

The 24/7 residential respite care and emergency accommodation looks after children aged 3 to 12, for reasons including a sick parent in hospital, trauma in the family, or solo parents just needing a break.

But Cholmondeley's experiencing a tough time themselves - they need donations in order to keep the service running for needy families.

So, the organsation has launched their first ever awareness month called ‘Little Gems’.

"We have to raise $2.3 million and the reality is we're sitting with a significant financial deficit this year. But we can't whinge about that, we've got to take action and do what we can to continue to raise money and do what we can to do the work we do," Mr Perriam says.

"If people can give a little, give once or they can give regularly, we would welcome them to partner with us in our work with the children.

"The children that come here are the little gems of our Canterbury family, the Canterbury community has been through a lot in the last decade."

Cholmondeley’s street appeal will be happening tomorrow and Saturday. People can also donate at their website.