13 May 2020 at 11:39 am

COVID-19 Update 13th May 2020

An update on Cholmondeley Children's Centre service during this COVID-19 epidemic

For the past 95 years Cholmondeley Children’s Centre has been organically adapting to meet the needs of some of Canterbury’s most vulnerable children and their families when they need it most. As an essential service, the past few months responding to families under crisis and stress during this COVID-19 epidemic has been no exception. Hundreds of care calls have been made to families, 150+ support videos and content have been created and with children at Cholmondeley we are proud of having responded to the needs of Canterbury children and families during this time.

From this Sunday 17 May we are excited to take another step towards normality and operating at alert level 2 we are increasing further the number of tamariki staying at Cholmondeley, resuming our normal educational programme and continuing our critical role of making a meaningful and enduring difference in the life of every child.

Thank you for your continued support and aroha.

Arron Perriam CEO.