14 August 2023 at 3:15 pm

Christchurch Symphony Orchestra delights Waitaha Canterbury tamariki

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Cholmondeley Children’s Centre welcomed the Christchurch Symphony Orchestra to work with its tamariki on Tuesday.

10 CSO musicans brought their instruments and skills to the centre to perform and entertain as part of a 10 piece ensemble.

“Our musicians really enjoy the opportunity to connect in a closer way with their audience, and especially to people who haven’t had access to live music before,” said Christchurch Symphony Orchestra Head of In the Community Programme Development, Selena Prior.

Musicians led tamariki through percussion and ukulele workshops to create a musical masterpiece.

“Music is a universal language that speaks to many and it was great to have the CSO here to connect with our tamariki and whānau through music,” said Cholmondeley Children’s Centre General Manager, Toni Tinirau.

Tamariki from Governors Bay School also joined in the activities.

CSO’s Ki te Hapori In the Community programme brings people from all walks of life together to experience music, and enables its musicians to share their passion outside of the concert hall.

 “We are working with the elderly , underprivileged, people living with health conditions such as stroke and dementia, as well as pre-schoolers, new migrants to the city, and we do some work with the Christchurch City Mission,” said Prior.

This is the second time the Christchurch Symphony Orchestra has visited Cholmondeley.

“We jump at any opportunity to come and collaborate out here [at Cholmondeley] and I know our musicians are super enthusiastic to repeat or develop an on-going relationship,” Prior explained.

This Christchurch Symphony Orchestra visit was brought to Cholmondeley by CSO’s partner Lyttelton Port Company.

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