7 August 2023 at 1:24 pm

Remarkable Reta


This story was first published in Cholmondeley's triannual Care Tiaki Magazine.

Cholmondeley Children’s Centre takes immense pride in offering care and creating a nurturing haven where tamariki can grow, flourish, and rediscover their childhood.

Reta’s story is one that highlights the supportive work our dedicated team carries out daily.

For eight years, Reta has been a cherished part of our Cholmondeley whānau. During a difficult period of recovery, her mother lost custody, and Reta initially stayed with her aunt. Throughout these challenges, Cholmondeley provided the necessary stability for Reta.

“We faced a tough period, but Cholmondeley was there,” said Reta's mother.

“Reta was with my sister at first, then back with me after two years. The support from Cholmondeley was critical during this time for both of us.”

Reta's visits to Cholmondeley allowed her to detach from the stresses at home and engage in fun activities and programs.

When Reta was seven years old she was diagnosed with insulin-dependent Type 1 diabetes.

Her whānau and paediatric diabetes specialists were able to provide Cholmondeley with the training and ongoing support needed for her to continue coming to stay.

“I feel privileged that Reta’s mum trusted in us to care for her, and to not let her condition get in the way of giving her the respite and experiences she deserved,” Cholmondeley Children's Centre Practice Manager, Lisa Hurry said.

Reta’s journey is another example of the positive role Cholmondeley plays.

“Thanks to the awesome support from our community, we can create a respite service that meets the child’s needs. Her diabetes added a layer of complexity, but our team was incredibly supportive and rose to the challenge,” Hurry said.

Reta wrote a heartfelt letter expressing her gratitude towards Cholmondeley, recognising the special bonds she has created here, especially with Nat, her ever-supportive and constantly beaming teacher.

However, Reta’s circle of support was not just one person; it encompassed multiple individuals.

Evie, with her constant kindness, Olivia, whose goofy face and infectious laughter Reta will dearly miss, Camille, Dana, Mel, and the rest of Cholmondeley's incredible team have all played important roles in Reta’s journey. 

As her stays come to an end, and with a hint that she might return to work at Cholmondeley in the future, Reta acknowledges how our centre has positively helped her wellbeing.

Her growth, resilience and energetic spirit are inspirational and we feel privileged to be part of her journey, and also those of the many other tamariki we support and nurture at Cholmondeley.

All the very best for the future Reta, we will miss you and look forward to your return as a potential team member.

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