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Talk to us today and do something that will make a difference for tomorrow.

By including a gift in your Will for Cholmondeley Children’s Centre your bequest allows us to plan for the future.

What makes Cholmondeley so vital for our communities is that we are always there in times of crisis and trauma, and whilst we would love for those moments in people’s lives to not exist, the reality is, life will always bring challenges. Your bequest allows Cholmondeley Children’s Centre to plan for those challenges and have the resources available for those that need ongoing respite to find their feet again.

Your gift will provide a source of sustainable funding to ensure future generations of children and families facing trauma and stress will always have a place to allow them to focus on the well-being of the children and their families and ensure they never feel alone in their journey.

To find out more  please call Jodie Gill on 027 447 3024 for a confidential chat or email us at