Payroll Giving

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A convenient way to support Cholmondeley regularly


What is payroll giving?

Payroll giving allows employees to give as they earn. An amount of the employee's choosing is deducted regularly by their employer each pay period, and passed onto the employee's chosen charity. Employees who donate via payroll giving receive an immediate PAYE credit of 33.33% of the donation amount. This means a donation of $30 actually only costs the employee $20.

Benefits for employees

Because the tax credit is applied immediately, there's no need to hold onto receipts for rebate purposes at the end of the tax year. There's no setting up any automatic payments or direct debits through your credit card or bank account — your payroll takes care of everything, including passing the donation onto your chosen charity. So you can start making a difference as soon as you find out if your employer offers payroll giving. Some workplaces even offer to match donations dollar for dollar, increasing the impact of your support. 

Visit the IRD website for more information about payroll giving for employees.

Benefits for employers

Payroll giving is a low-cost and simple way to support employees who make donations to Cholmondeley, or a their charity of choice. For many employees, this is viewed as an extra perk, and encourages a positive atmosphere at work, connecting employees to their community. Offering to match employee donations is also a great way to lead by example, and put your company's values into action.

What do other employers say about it?

We asked Brett Anderson, CEO of Christchurch Casino, for his thoughts on payroll giving:

What do you think of payroll giving?

I think it's good; our employees can contribute to an organisation they support in smaller, regular amounts so they don’t feel the financial impact as much. It’s easy, convenient, and requires minimal administration.

How do you promote it to your staff?

We inform new employees of payroll giving and the organisations we support when they come on board. We also post occasional reminders and ask employees if there any other organisations they would like to support through payroll giving.  

Would you recommend it to other employers/employees?

Yes, I would recommend to other employers, and employees as well. We've observed that once payroll giving is in place, it generally stays in place, which is great for the charity.

You can only offer payroll giving to your employees if you electronically file your IRD employer monthly schedule and deduction form.

Visit the IRD website for more information about payroll giving for employers.

If you or your employees wish to donate to Cholmondeley via payroll giving please email for our bank account details and full reference requirements.