Cholmondeley Wish List

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If you would like to donate to Cholmondeley, we have a Wish List of the things the Centre needs for our children to help you decide what to donate.

Where possible, we have included brand/supplier info. If you cant see the item you would like to donate on our list, please get in touch and we'll get back to you.

Thank you for choosing to donate to Cholmondeley - we appreciate your support. 

  • Fun & Games
    Basketballs (e.g. Spalding, Nike or Molten brand)
    Frisbees (any brand)
    Dress-up costumes
    Beads, letter beads & coloured elastic
  • Bed & Bath
    Toothbrushes (2-5 years) (5+ years) (8+ years)
    Hair ties, ribbons & clips
  • In the Water
    Boat shoes with sturdy sole, gender neutral, variety of sizes (kids’ classic available from
    Wetsuits (ages 3-12)
    Sunblock and sunblock for sensitive skin
    Boys swimming shorts (ages 3-12)
    Girls one-piece swimming togs (ages 8-12)
    Sun hats for young children (ages 3-7)
    Pool/beach balls (available from Rebel Sport)
    Pool noodles
    Neoprene dive balls (available from Rebel Sport)
    Neoprene dive sticks (available from Rebel Sport)
    Arm floaties for young children
    Goggles for children/young adults
    Swimming caps
  • Books
    Popular children's stories
    Graphic novels for boys & comic books
  • Under 5s
    Educational activities/resources for under 5s
    Goggles for under 5s (available from Rebel Sport)
    Wooden puzzles for under 5s
  • Other
    Nail polish & nail care products
    DVD Player with remote
    Education -Tables & Chairs (Bend & Bow combo available from Class*
    Stationary (pens, felts, glue sticks, glitter pens, coloured paper etc.)
    Radical Tube Slide (available at
    Sunblock and Sunblock for sensitive skin

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