Cause Related Marketing

"Airborne Honey was introduced to Cholmondeley as a result of the care given to one of our family members' children. This was such a positive experience that we wanted to support Cholmondeley to help care for other children that need support.”

What is cause related marketing?

Cause related marketing is when a for-profit business and a not-for-profit charity (like Cholmondeley) cooperate for mutual benefit. Your business can help raise the profile of our organisation, while expressing to customers and clients your investment in the community.

We are fortunate to have formed partnerships with two companies who have chosen to show their support through cause related marketing. You can read more about their stories by clicking the icons below.

Airborne Logo  She Universe

If you would like to know more about how your business can support Cholmondeley, please contact:

Renee or Annelies
03 329 9832