Money from Honey

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How Airborne Honey supports Cholmondeley

10 cents from every bottle of Airborne's Honey for Kids sold is donated to Cholmondeley. 

Since the partnership began in 2007 Airborne Honey has donated over $115,000 to Cholmondeley.

This initiative was started by Airborne to help Cholmondeley raise money to carry on providing its essential service to children in Canterbury. The concept is simple and effective, and the dollars prove just how successful it's been for both Airborne and Cholmondeley.

Honey For Kids has been one of Airborne's most successful products in New Zealand and overseas, elevating it to being one of the leading sponsors of Cholmondeley.

Honey for kids bottle 300x300As well as the financial benefit, Cholmondeley has the privilege of co-branding with a local and family-focused consumer brand. Airborne Honey has a great reputation in Canterbury and Cholmondeley is an iconic charity in the region. The partnership is mutually beneficial because the organisations have shared values.