About Us

Cholmondeley Children’s Centre (Chum-lee) provides short-term emergency and planned respite care and education to children (aged 3-12 years) whose families are experiencing genuine stress or crisis. Our aim is to give these children the opportunity to build their resilience, while issues at home are resolved.

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We have cared for more than 25,000 children since 1925, helping children and families build their resilience. We now care for over 500 children every year.

We are:

Accessible — We are directly contactable by the community we serve. Anyone can make a referral to Cholmondeley.

Flexible — Our services can be tailored to meet the individual needs of the child/tamariki and family/whānau.

Responsive — In an emergency situation, Cholmondeley can usually respond within an hour.

Child-centred — Our whole service is focused on the child, with a model of practice and environment designed around the complete wellbeing of children.


Learn more about Cholmondeley and how we can help on this website, or contact us with your enquiry.