4 April 2017 at 3:47 pm

Jaimie Leigh's story — Help a child achieve their dreams

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From staying at Cholmondeley during her parents' divorce, to the day she returned to Cholmondeley as a Detective in the NZ Police to share her experience with today's children, Jaimie Leigh's story emphasises that all dreams are possible.

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Jaimie Leigh as a childWhen I was seven, my father left and my parents divorced. I think there was a lot about that time that I blocked out, but I remember very clearly my father walking out the back door with his suitcase.

This period could have been traumatic for me, but Cholmondeley helped keep me emotionally safe and gave me positive memories that will always stay with me.

Back in that era, divorce wasn’t really socially accepted. It was really difficult for my mum coping in that situation as we didn’t have any immediate family living in Christchurch for support.

Jaimie Leigh as a Detective in the NZ PoliceI stayed at Cholmondeley for 12 days so my mum could work through the grief and sadness that come with a separation and I wasn’t impacted by adult trauma.

I remember having a lot of fun at Cholmondeley; having hot chocolates and being allowed to sit on a teacher’s knee for a cuddle. I remember lots of play (and Easter eggs!) and I felt really safe and secure. I remember being picked up by Mum — it was so exciting to see her smile and how happy she was to see me.

Today I am a Detective in the New Zealand Police. I got here because I had multiple pockets of support and Cholmondeley was one of the most memorable early pockets.

It inspired me to help organise a Bluelight Police BBQ for the children at Cholmondeley with fun games, activities and Christmas presents. I felt proud going back there as a member of the NZ Police.

"Then my dreams can come true too"Being able to tell my story to the children emphasised all dreams are possible and hearing an eight year old boy’s comment: "Then my dreams can come true too”, is exactly why I have shared my story.

Signed Jaimie Leigh 

Jaimie Leigh

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