Our Environment

Cholmondeley Children’s Centre is located in beautiful Governors Bay. We provide a safe, fun, and stimulating environment where children can relax, play, and learn.

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Our Centre has been designed with children in mind, purposefully constructed to provide an environment that is warm and non-institutional, that also meets the practical learning and living needs of the children who stay here.

Our Centre incorporates:

Our environment learning hubIntegration of care and education — the entire building designed as a ubiquitous learning environment.

Community and safety — open plan spaces with minimal use of right-angles where children can be lost or disappear.

Privacy — individual space for ablutions, bedrooms that can be reconfigured, and alcoves to relax or read in.

Emotional safety — a building designed to feel welcoming.

Children at the forefront — unique design features such as windows, seating, door handles, benches and vanities built at heights appropriate for children.

Cost efficiency — insulation innovations, and thoughtful use of materials that require minimal maintenance.

Sustainability — use of local sustainable materials that complement the community we live in. 

Learn more about integrated care and education at Cholmondeley. 

What does a day at Cholmondeley Children’s Centre look like?


Governors Bay Jetty 

Cholmondeley sits on the shores of Ohinetahi (Governors Bay) nurtured and under the shadow of Te Poho o Tamatea Pōkai Whenua (Tamatea, the Great Explorer and Gatherer of Lands), The Mauka Teitei (Sacred Mountain), the Mauri (Life Force) and the Wairua (Spirit) of Rāpaki o Te Rakiwhakaputa.