Cholmondeley Ambassadors

Cholmondeley children’s centre is excited to announce Track cyclist and Olympian, Olivia Podmore as our Ambassador. Olivia contributes really positively to our organisation in many different ways. These include attending events to promote Cholmondeley, including; The Little Gems Project for Cholmondeley, and raising awareness of Cholmondeley through her social media pages. Olivia displays genuine passion about Cholmondeley and is willing to lend a hand. We look forward to growing this ambassador relationship.

 “Hi, I’m Liv, 21-years old and an Olympic and commonwealth track cyclist. I came on board with Cholmondeley Children’s Centre because it’s a cause I believe in supporting. Coming from a broken home in my late teens and doing what I do for a full-time job requires resilience and strength. I want to help children become strong and find their inner sparkle through their adversity, and if I can help even one child through Cholmondeley reach their dream and find their sparkle, I will be so happy. I look forward to being a part of such an amazing cause.” - Olivia Podmore, Track cyclist and Olympian #1333 

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