International Students

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Each year, Aotearoa Volunteer and Cultural Exchange (ACVE) welcomes up to 50 international volunteers to New Zealand, around eight of whom will spend time at Cholmondeley.

Hosting between three and six volunteers at a time, our ACVE helpers stay on-site in separate accommodation for either six or 12 months. Many are students studying a relevant subject in their home country, such as child psychology, teaching, or social pedagogy and welcome the experience they gain working with children at Cholmondeley. The children also benefit from the exchange of language and culture, and form fast friendships with our volunteers.

Over many years we have been fortunate to experience the richness of cultural diversity, having had volunteers from faraway places such as: Germany, France, Korea, Iceland, Austria, Denmark, and the United States.

Usually the volunteers are 18 - 24 years old and bring with them an incredible youthful energy and insatiable desire to learn.

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 We currently have six international volunteers staying with us — the first crew to work in the recently rebuilt Cholmondeley Children’s Centre and stay in the newly renovated volunteer apartment.

If you would like to learn more about volunteering, please visit the ACVE website.

University of Copenhagen and Cholmondeley
Opportunities for mutual learning

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Cholmondeley is also currently hosting Frederik Møller, who is in his final year of his Social Pedagogy degree at University College UCC, Denmark. The relationship between the University and Cholmondeley has existed since 2011, with Cholmondeley having hosted several students during that time.

Frederik is excited to see social pedagogy applied in the context of Aotearoa, New Zealand, and to experience Adventure Based Learning in our unique natural environment.

Volunteers are thoroughly vetted before being accepted into the programme and are supported by members of our professional practice team when working with children at Cholmondeley.